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I'm sure some of you have already noticed, but we officially launched our Blog over the weekend. So, if you have some time to kill, surf on over and take a look at what CC's staff is chatting about. We invite everyone to chime in with comments on any of the topics being discussed, as well. :)

You can follow the button to the right to start reading, or click here: Blogger


~~~ Chudah's MEGA Sale UPDATE~~~

I'm giving a 10% discount on all sales through October 31st. This deal can be combined with the free shipping on orders over $100 and the freebie deal for sales over $50. You can view the available CD's here.


As many of you are aware, vgmdb.net has opened their beta database to the public. Chudah's Corner has supported their efforts and will continue to do so. However, you may be wondering what will CC's focus be now that vgmdb.net is providing much of the same information as us. For a brief explanation on what our renewed focus will be, and where we plan to take the site into the future, please read "Our Focus and Goals for the Future" in the Message Forums

I want to thank all of you for your support over the years and look forward to having you visit for many more to come.


50 new CD's were added to the Sale List including a few rarities. Some prices on previous CD's were also lowered. The full list is available in the Marketplace Forum.


As promised, my sale is now available in the Marketplace Forum. I've added well over 200 new soundtracks to my sales list as well as dropped prices on CD's that were previously for sale. Please e-mail me at chudahscorner@gmail.com for all purchase inquiries.

Also, for those who read webcomics, Bitmapworld featured me in one of their latest strips: Issue 66. Rest assured, I'm not that cranky in real life! ^_~



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