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These are many of the sites that I visit frequently and recommend. I would also appreciate if anyone notifies me of any broken links; I'll fix them as soon as possible. Happy surfing!!!

Retailers Amazon's Japanese store has an extremely large selection of game soundtracks available for order. Unfortunately, most of the site is in Japanese, but with some Babelfish help (you can also view a complete registration and ordering guide here), browsing and ordering is quite easy and very similar to Amazon's US site.
Anime Jungle A very cool shop located in Osaka, Japan that sells used CDs for reasonable prices. If you're lucky you can find some really rare stuff here. They stock daily, so keep checking back.
Animenation A nice selection of CDs, but they have no inventory listings, so some items may not be stocked. With backorders sometimes a problem (they may take months to fill), you'll want to stick with what they have on hand. Call them first before ordering.
CDJapan This is the largest Japanese vendor to find game music. They have most in-print CDs available for order and accept pre-orders for many of the newest soundtracks. Prices are very reasonable, but shipping can be a bit steep.
Ebay Auctions are a great way of getting deals on CDs as well as finding rare soundtracks. Beware of bootleg albums, though.
Falcom's Homepage Nihon Falcom's website. Besides Cocoebiz, this is the only other place to order Falcom's Millennium Series CDs. The site is in Japanese, but you can e-mail your order. Make sure to include item numbers, shipping address and credit card information.
Game Express A decent selection of game music. They generally get the more popular titles, but you can occasionally find obscure CDs here.
Game Music Online One of the most reliable game music retailers online. GMO has a huge selection of titles, and is located in the US. Prices are higher than CDJapan, but shipping is a lot cheaper.
Otaku Otaku offers a nice selection of both new and old CDs. If listed as available, you can place an order with them and they have a good chance of finding it. You can order almost any in-print CD for reasonable prices, as well. However, being located in Japan, their shipping prices can be slightly expensive.
synSONIQ A German soundtrack retailer with a large inventory of US and European-released game soundtracks.
Shopping Mall Japan Deputy Service In case you can't read Yahoo Japan Auctions or cannot get the seller to ship internationally, this site can make proxy bids for you. When you win an item, you pay the winning bid plus transaction fees to Shopping Mall Japan. They will contact the seller and have the item shipped to their Japanese warehouse, where it will then be shipped overseas.
VGMWorld A site that offers harder to find soundtracks for international order, including Grandia CDs, Rockman OST Collections, and recent Falcom releases.
Yahoo Japan Auctions Heaven on Earth for game music fans, you can literally find almost any CD auctioned off here at one time or another. Everything is in Japanese, but with the help of Babelfish, browsing is possible. Most sellers do not ship internationally, so you'll need a Japanese contact to make the bid for you.

Game Music
Daryl's Library A nice source of information on Final Fantasy CD's including many hard to find liner note translations.
Fafnir's Den Information and track lists on just about every Final Fantasy game soundtrack released as well as various other Square RPG's.
Falcom CD Catalog Album and tracklist information on every Falcom album that has been published to date, all in English!
Game Music Radio An internet radio station featuring a wide selection of music, on demand shows as well as biographical shows with game music composer interviews, news, reviews, commentary and more.
Game Music Revolution A comprehensive database with publishing information on almost any game soundtrack.
Game Tabs Guitar tabs for popular game music themes from the NES through PS2 and more!
Game Trax Another nice-looking site offering artwork, tracklists and publishing information on various game music soundtracks.
GamingFM An excellent internet radio station with classic, modern, and PC game music channels. It has a user request system.
G.A.N.G. The Gang Audio Network Guild is a non-profit organization established to promote excellence in interactive music and sound.
Kohina Kohina is a free web radio that streams 8/16 bit old school computer, arcade and console classics as well as the latest scene music from the platforms that remain active.
Mirsoft A large library of downloadable MODs and MIDI versions of game music. It also has a database for searching game music formats and platforms Mainly concentrating on US and European game scores, this very informative site features interviews, reviews, MP3 samples and soundtrack information.
OneUp Studios OneUp Studios is dedicated to releasing official fan-made arrangements of video game music. Be sure to check out their samples for the excellent Time & Space: A Tribute to Yasunori Mitsuda.
Overclocked Remix There are many fans of video game music. Some fans have decided to remix their favorite game music. You can find remixed songs at this site.
Project Majestic Mix Dedicated to producing and releasing official fan-made arrangements of Squaresoft game music.
RPGFan Soundtracks Contains a huge selection of RPG soundtrack reviews, all with RealAudio samples.
Silent Hill Media The most comprehensive source of high quality Silent Hill 1 & 2 game sound on the internet. Silent Hill fans should NOT miss out on Fungo's amazing work. (Note: rips for Silent Hill 3 & 4 are also in the process of being added).
Slightly Dark In the footsteps of the late Cloud's Villa, Slightly Dark offers a chance to listen to some of the rarest out of print soundtrack albums.
Soundtrack Central The first game music soundtrack site to obtain widespread popularity. STC has over 200 reviews, active message forums, and a dedicated community of game music lovers.
Square & Musique This is another international site, this time French, that deals mainly with information on the Square series of soundtracks. It has a very nice layout as well as a full listing of all DigiCube/Square-Enix CD's released to date.
Square Sound Loads of information on Square Enix soundtracks, including MP3's, soundtrack info, lyrics and reviews.
Streaming A wonderful web radio site with an incredibly large playlist including selections from various game soundtracks along with those from movie scores.
Video Game Jam An awesome resource for guitar tabs of numerous game themes!
Videogame Music Archive An absolutely huge collection of videogame related MIDIs from every series and platform you can imagine.

Game Lyrics
Anime Lyrics(.tv) One of the largest game/anime/j-pop lyrics sources on the internet. They have over 7000 lyrics archived here.
Final Fantasy X Lyrics Romanizations and translations of all lyrics to all of Final Fantasy X and X-2's songs, along with translation notes and reviews. Hoshiko also has translations of the drama tracks (Vocal 'Logs) from Final Fantasy X Vocal Collection.
Opera House, The Features Final Fantasy Lyrics along with many other songs from Square games.

Anime and Games
Anime Wallpapers One of the best sources for quality wallpapers on the internet. Includes a huge selection of both anime and game inspired desktops.
Capowski's RPG-Related Translation Junk Drawer Like the title states, it's a junk drawer. There are a lot of translations & information on various publications here, mostly related to the Lunar and Phantasy Star series.
Castlevania Dungeon Anything and everything you could ever imagine about the series can be found here.
GameFAQs Walkthroughs and FAQ's on every game imaginable.
Resident Evil Fan - A New Blood Absolutely the best Resident Evil website out there. They have an amazing amount of media, including many hard to find in-game movies, as well as a large image archive, active message boards, news updates and much more.
RPG Classics An RPG-themed site featuring reviews, walkthroughs, and more game shrines than you can shake a fist at!
RPG-O-Mania A site with a large collection of artwork scans, wallpapers, and fan MIDI/tracked music for many RPG series.
RPGFan A well-done site concentrating on news, reviews, previews and more for anything RPG-related.
Snake Heart Gorgeous Biohazard (Resident Evil), Devil May Cry & Metal Gear Solid artwork. This site is in Japanese, but is very easy to navigate.
Will of the Ancients, The The most comprehensive Panzer Dragoon website on the internet. If you're looking for information on any game in the series, you're sure to find it here.

Homestar One of the best and funniest Macromedia Flash sites on the internet. They have a huge library of movies, games and more. Make sure not to miss Trogdor, the Burninator, and the hilarious Strong Bad e-mails!
Legendary Lily Pad, The Only one of the best Flash cartoonists around. These guys do a lot of videogame parodies, although their other work is very good too. Resident Evil Flash Edition, One Ring to Rule Them All 2 and The Return of Ganondorf are all must-sees!
Talkin Toons One of the coolest, free online greeting card sites I've come across with animated cards for just about ANY occassion.


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