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Grade Score Explanation

A = Superb. The reviewer likes all or nearly all of the music on this album. Overall, the music is consistently well-composed and/or performed. The album is highly and unequivocally recommended.

B = Good. The reviewer likes most of the music on this album. A few tracks may not be noteworthy, but the majority are still good enough to score the entire album favorably. The album is recommended with a few caveats as stated in the review itself.

C = Average. While the reviewer likes some music on this album, there are a significant number of tracks that are flawed either in composition or implementation. The album is not recommended for everyone.

D = Substandard. The reviewer finds that the majority of tracks are not noteworthy or are flawed in composition or implementation. There may be a few good tracks, but they are not enough to carry the album. The album is not recommended.

F = Poor. The reviewer finds little or no redeeming qualities on the album. Tracks are poorly composed or implemented in the reviewer's opinion. The album is not recommended at all and should be avoided.

+ or - are minor modifiers that indicates the reviewer likes the album a bit more or a bit less than the unmodified letter grade.



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